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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-29
Glass cutting is a process with in the process of glass processing, is also used more process. Glass cutting machine is specialized in glass processing and cutting a processing machinery. In all the glass processing equipment, glass cutting machine is very important, it is the preliminary glass processing, so it is very popular cutting machine equipment. Eworld cutting machine equipment, the types of glass cutting machine is introduced for everybody glass cutting types in accordance with the requirements of processing power form is divided into: mobile phone cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, or according to the processing glass shape is divided into: square glass cutting machine, shaped glass cutting machine, garden shaped glass cutting machine, etc. 1, manual shaped glass cutting machine manual shaped glass cutting machine is simple to use and low manufacturing cost, machining glass size not too big, give priority to with center shaped glass. Machining special-shaped glass, need to make a jig. Mould manufacturing experience and skills, laborious, is the original small pieces of special-shaped glass processing method. 2, semi-automatic shaped glass cutting machine semi-automatic shaped glass cutting machine is simple to use and low manufacturing cost, size is slightly superior to manual processing glass, mainly processing shaped glass. Machining special-shaped glass, need to make a jig. Mold manufacturing needs experience and skills, adopt the method of pneumatic + motor when cutting カ greatly save the people. But didn't realize fully automated, the production efficiency is higher than pure manual, is much lower than automatic. 3 square glass cutting machine, pneumatic pneumatic square glass cutting machine is given priority to with square glass processing, can also be processed quadrilateral as trapezoidal glass. Mainly used as a tool to open bar stock, or as a square glass processing machinery, because both longitudinal and transverse can assemble many segment, the production efficiency is higher. But for every knife sample right, so start production need to spend more time calibration with knife wheel size, not mass production size is not good.
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