Energy demand is one of the business of glass cutting machine the region

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-30
Suntech glass cutting machine is one of the most important sales market, good solar energy resources, the government is also support the development of new energy projects, such as photovoltaic (pv). The next step in addition to the photoelectric project, we will provide the local school, community, hotels, etc of low carbon from the use of solar energy intelligent integrated solutions, not only selling products directly, also includes the operation and management of the project. World shipping giant Denmark maersk group responsible for the vast majority of Chinese photovoltaic products export business. Maersk line qin oak, east China area solar industry sales representative, said that the current solar products cargo in the region accounted for about maersk nearly 1% of total export cargo in east China, considering the vast east China total export cargo base, and this percentage has been considerable, while exports to not become a bright spot. Qin oak that demand for energy in Africa is the region one of the business of glass cutting machine, he said: 'China's export products for the past to textiles, daily provisions, vehicles, and infrastructure materials and other traditional shaped glass cutting machine 'just need products, but in recent years, photovoltaic products export has been growing steadily. Main photovoltaic enterprises at home and abroad, including suntech, trina solar, hanwha solarone co, Yu fai sunlight and ja solar companies in recent years by maersk the amount of the goods sent to Africa are also rising. 'Therefore, maersk specially added direct flights between China and Africa route and capacity, and said it would adjust according to market demand, in order to ensure navigation period stability and flight punctuality. At present, China pv products are exported to Africa market basic implementation direct flights, minimum navigation time 25 days, the longest 35 days. Previously, affected by the financial crisis in 2008, the Chinese photovoltaic products one of the main export market for European market severe contraction, as well as in the past two years in overseas markets frequently photovoltaic products put forward the 'double reverse' for China, China collapsed photovoltaic enterprise, development once into the trough. But since 2013, the Chinese government introduced a series of dense pv industry support policy, vigorously develop the domestic photovoltaic Mr Wade electricity market, China pv industry showed signs of bottoming out.
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