Effective can continue to maintain the life of the glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-19
Automatic glass cutting machine service life is long, but in order to save cost, we need to improve the service life of the automatic glass cutting machine, then use what method can improve the service life, it's like our daily maintenance is necessary. Maintain cutting machine and cutting tool is very important. 1. Open different shaped glass cutter into the water tank, water tank, take out the water pump, clear the dust on the pump. Clean water tank, replace circulating water, return water pump to water tank, the connection pipe inserted into the inlet of the pump, clean all connectors. Feed water pump power alone, 3 - operation 5 minutes. 2. Cleaning special automatic glass cutting machine fan long-term use can make fan fan inside accumulate a large amount of solid particles, make the fan produces a lot of noise, exhaust and deodorization. When fan smoke inhalation and no freedom, turn off the power supply first, remove the inlet pipe and the exhaust fan, eliminate the dirt of the fan, then the fan is upright, and remove the wind fan blade, until clean, then install the fan. 3. Lens cleaning special automatic glass cutting machine from the above points can see the main maintenance part of automatic glass cutting machine, this needs us to reasonable to wash, to ensure that its service life, and after cleaning, I did check each parts damaged, plan your work ahead of time. Wipe the lens center edge to rotate, and assembled three lens needs from the frame, in the same way to wipe. After wiping, the lens can be restored to its original state.
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