Edge grinding machine using knowledge must have resolution

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-31
1. Second-hand edge grinding machine edge grinding speed and the effect is better than that of quadrilateral grinding, specifications for the single and complex tablets glass is better than that of bilateral grinding. Machinable Lowe glass. Different specifications of the glass can be continuous, without manual adjustment and waiting. Lateral connection washing machine, makes the glass from grinding to wash one pace reachs the designated position, save manpower and time, and do not interfere with the original attachment quadrilateral grinding and other mechanical equipment. When the machine is on the same kind of mechanical processing of rough grinding side, into the high temperature furnace is cracked, secondary debris scratched and so on. Quick easy finish straight edge, round edge, such as triangle, wavy abnormity edge grinding. Automatic water cycle system, the control, temperature control water heating device and carbon fiber heating device. Its unique design of the working platform can effectively prevent glass scratch and surface indentation, improve glass processing speed. Not only is the world's leading glasses manufacturing power in our country, and it is the world's biggest potential glasses sales power. Among the domestic population of nearly 1. 4 billion, as many as 600 million myopia patients. From the point of the total, 2013 glasses market total sales reached 37 billion yuan ( GfK China national retail calculated data) Glasses for number 1, the total market. 200 million, second-hand edge grinding machine corresponding to this is more than 38000 large and small optical shop, hospital inspection center, the optician mall, where all need to purchase the eye optical instruments. Glasses edge grinding process is to conform to the prescription of burrs on ground into frames and lens with lens ring geometry a processing technology of the same shape. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the lens has to realize the automatic mechanical grinding side, productivity has increased significantly, semi-automatic edge grinding gradually replaced by the automatic edge grinding, and even many large enterprises, such as star group ( Treasure island glasses) , has taken the edge grinding technology to rise to the level of industrial machine edge grinding. Semi-automatic edge grinding process is semi-automatic edge grinding machine according to the template contour edge grinding, and automatic glass edge grinding machine is according to the computer scanning mirror ring or 3 d data ( Intangible edge grinding) For automatic edge grinding.
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