Domestic glass industry leading enterprises in the east lumena electricity price along with the market

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-05
Through independent research and development, the east lumena electric successfully mastered the glass substrate and the substrate under 6 generation and the core of equipment manufacturing technology, break through the technical monopoly of international giant domestic glass industry leading enterprises in the east lumena electricity price along with the market bottomed out, nearly half a month time, company's share price to rise up to 11. 98% on September 11, the afternoon after the announcement, the company's share price quickly pull litre, shares within 30 minutes to eight. 40元,涨幅近8%公告披露,来自东旭光电80亿元定增方案获证监会无条件审核通过,这预示着东旭光电将深耕玻璃基板全产业链而事实上,自去年5月,京东方A与东旭光电签署战略协议的那一刻开始,全球显示器产业开始进入中国时代东旭光电创造了中国玻璃基板产业的历史由于具备高成长性,东旭光电在资本市场被研究人员看好一位长期跟踪东旭光电的研究员表示,东旭光电作为国内玻璃基板行业龙头,玻璃切割机一直在寻求业务创新和产业突破的机会随着本次定增的顺利推进,产业协同效应将更加显现,对东旭光电在产业链延伸具有重要全自动玻璃切割机意义产业融合全面提速80亿元融资案的靴子落地,对处于上行周期中的东旭光电来说无疑是一场及时雨如此一来,不仅东旭光电原主营业务将有充足的资金支撑,同时公司玻璃基板全产业链融通得以大展拳脚资料显示,东旭光电是国内最大的集液晶玻璃基板装备制造、技术研发及产业化生产于一体的高新技术企业,是国内玻璃基板行业龙头企业玻璃切割机东旭光电就披露了定向增发预案,拟向包括控股股东东旭集团、长江证券拟设立的长江兴利2号定向计划、长江兴利3号定向计划、昆山开发区国投以及英飞海林投资中心在内的不超过10名特定投资者增发股票,募资不超过80亿用于收购托管公司旭新光电、旭飞光电各100%股权、第5代TFT- LCD with color filter ( CF) Production line project and the added liquidity as the increase of grand opera, the fifth generation of TFT - LCD with color filter ( CF) Project popular attention according to the plan of glass production line fully automatic cutting machine, the project investment 31. 1. 6 billion yuan, the new production of 4 respectively. 50000 pieces per month, 6
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