Domestic glass cutting machine characteristics and market demand side

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-06
Throughout the market development direction, from the perspective of the application link of portable CNC glass cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine is in solving large-scale gantry CNC cutting machine high cost and small cutting car function less faults, its purpose is to meet all kinds of enterprise mobility of steel sheet blanking and the need for special shape parts blanking. Small cutting car while the cost is low, but not can only cut a straight line and the diameter of circle, and the cutting precision is low; Large CNC cutting machine, although powerful, high cost and operation cost. Portable CNC cutting machine is like large gantry CNC cutting machine can cut in a straight line and arc of arbitrary planar shape parts, can be applied to the flame and plasma cutting steel plate, stainless steel and aluminum, etc. , is easy to move, the operation is simple, the characteristics of flexible, no less, cutting precision and invest relatively cheap, therefore, in the steel sheet blanking process more and more applications. At the same time to solve the problem such as portable CNC cutting machine cutting travel co. , LTD. , wuhan pilot CNC technology co. , LTD. Independent innovation developed telescopic jib type portable CNC cutting machine, significantly improve the transverse cutting span, on the one hand, solve the user enterprise cutting plate is too wide, not a blanking process problems; On the other hand also effectively prevent the waste of material in cutting process, the enterprise cost savings for the user; From the point of the marketing chain of portable CNC glass cutting machine, although the customer also cognitive advantages of portable CNC glass cutting machine, but the price factor and the stability of the system is still restricted portable CNC cutting machine can be widely promotion and application of the main factors. So reduce the product cost and improve the stability of the system is the key to the popularization of the portable CNC cutting machine.
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