Do you know the glass slice cutting machine working process

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-29
Glass slice cutting machine working process is as follows: 1. Slices: hold down the button with the remote transmitter turn over and raised his arm, the receiver receive instruction. SWL elevator electrical connection. At the same time, the lifting screw began to push forward and reverse upper arm, led by the arm and salt absorption parts. Turned up the big arm shaft, the glass sucker form surface parallel to the plane forward button, hold down the direction along a straight line rail glass equipment, when touch the glass, frame stop motion stroke switch, vacuum pump began to smoke on the surface of the glass vacuum cups, vacuum cup edge contact under the action of strong absorbing glass, glass frames, according to a plan to push back and front glass separation, vacuum reached set value, SWL forearm elevator motors, forearm elevator connecting rod, drive the forearm rotation drive shaft, and the main and deputy connecting rod driven back, raised his glass, glass to keep refusing, until the glass is flat on the workbench. At this point, the vacuum pump stops working, high pressure fan began to blow, separated from the glass sucker. 2, cutting movement: glass cutting machine cutting movement function, it adopts PC computer control, the Microsoft Windows interface, the operator through the display issue instructions, servo motor, the motor pulley and belt drive the belt wheel, on both sides of the main shaft, gear shaft synchronous rotation, drive tool rod, rack straight line on both sides along the achieve the vertical movement of the cutting tool; Servo motor by the motor pulley, pulley and belt drive the horizontal shaft rotation, through the horizontal linear motion of gear and rack to achieve the lateral movement of the cutter head. 3, fragment: longitudinal snapping piece, close vacuum pump, open the high pressure fan, put the glass cutting lines on the fragment on the edges of the longitudinal snapping article, with the remote control operation, the longitudinal snapping, longitudinal snapping piece of work: B cross break, close vacuum pump, open the high pressure fan, glass cutting machine will break the glass on the edge of the cutting line break off, USES the remote control, break lever upward movement, to break off the piece of work.
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