Depending on the mirror glass cleaning machine cleaning process

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-02
Rearview mirror glass washing machine machine used for flushing filter hydraulic system in the manufacturing, assembling, glass washing machine use process and the pollutants generated when maintaining or invasion; Glass washing machine can also be applied to the regular maintenance of work for the oil filter, improve cleanliness, avoid or reduce the fault caused by pollution, hydraulic system equipment to ensure high performance, high reliability and long life. 1, glass washing machine, general procedures comply with casting equipment. 2, before work also must follow the: a, glass washing machine, check whether there is any leakage on piping system leaking situation, if you have this kind of situation, should notify the maintenance personnel to repair. B, check whether the cleaning fluid is enough, if not enough, in a timely manner to increase cleaning fluid. C, commissioning at first and then 2 - idle running 3 minutes, check the drive system ( Motor, coupling, reducer) And whether stable movement of conveyor belt, after everything is normal, can for production. D, glass washing machine, open the oil slick out devices ( Without the oil out except device) Start oil out, so when the pump is still open, calm water, oil discharge effect is best, after waiting for basic rule out the oil to stop oil removal, row oil used some time for my lunch break. 3, the work also must follow the: a, washed parts to neatly on the conveyor belt, no pressure on the roller; B, the conveyor belt, the cleaning of parts can't pile too much, so as not to affect the cleaning effect. C, after work, washed parts cannot be parked in the conveyor belt, glass washing machine, press the stop button, make the machine stop running. Cleaning machine cleaning machine adopts different methods to clean packaging container, packaging materials, packaging AIDS, packaging, the desired clean degree of the machine. D, cleaning fluid should be added regularly a certain percentage of the water and metal cleaner to supplement consumption, keep the liquid level in a certain height, if cleaning result can not meet the prescribed technical requirements, should be replaced all the cleaning fluid.
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