Deep processing of glass edge grinding machine of knowledge, a news _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-03
Glass edge grinding machine is the dosage of the earliest and biggest glass deep processing equipment of one of the machinery and equipment. Divided into glass beveling edge grinding machine, round edge glass edge grinding machine, glass double straight edge grinding machine, double round edge glass edge grinding machine, copying edge grinding machine and abnormity edge grinding machine. Secondary role is the smooth glass, and make some special shape. Correct and reasonable use of edge grinding machine, don't stop, can only ensure the normal order of the consumption will also have the effect of extended machine life. The degree of automatic shaped glass edge grinding machine is glass edge grinding machine in recent years, the newly added a kind of equipment. Special-shaped glass products, either to do with frequently hundreds of thousands of millions of machining center, or relying on manual to do it. Mr Wade in nanjing automation equipment company in line with infinite for global glass processing enterprise dealing with design gist, the achievement of research with great concentration, finally let the degree of automatic shaped glass edge grinding machine. The machine features are: 1, within one meter glass accurate grinding, grinding wheel can be processed in the middle of the can to. 2, the function of machining center and quality, the price of the ordinary machine, high cost performance.
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