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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-10
We in the use of cutting machine equipment, automatic glass piece, might have happened a few small fault, the following is for everyone to explain some automatic glass cutting machine failure of the solution. 1, for the use of automatic glass piece shall implement a person mechanism, operating credit use equipment, to observe the safety operation procedures. 2, always maintain a clean and tidy automatic glass piece of equipment, in accordance with the provisions, come on, to ensure reasonable lubrication, abide by the system, manage tools, accessories, and shall not be lost. Found abnormal immediately stop check, the operator can't handle shall timely notify the relevant personnel to check the problem of processing. 3, equipment for cutting machine, automatic glass piece of equipment for routine check, carefully recording, refueling do shift, correct lubrication, after cleaning, wipe and oil in a timely manner. Manage automatic glass machine accessories. Transferred or replacement equipment operation, equipment and the complete attachment to hand over formalities. Serious execution system, fill in the record. 4, automatic glass piece of equipment accident, should take measures to cut off the power and keep the scene, timely report to the team leader or workshop mechanical part, waiting for processing. Should be truthfully the analysis of accident. For violation of operation and maintenance procedures, such as the accident caused by the subjective reasons, should bear direct responsibility. That is fully automatic glass cutting machine equipment malfunction of solution, in our life, a good maintenance can effectively reduce the happening of the fault, the introduction in Eworld can effectively help to you.
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