Cut glass have defective how to return a responsibility

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-09
Should pay attention to when using glass cutting machine parameter setting, if the parameter set is bad, it is easy to appear problem, sometimes appear when cutting glass after glass cutting good many cracks in the plane, or flaws, resulting in the cause of the problem has the following kinds? 1, the pressure is not enough, at the time of cut glass, pressure is insufficient, will cause the keenness of the sword cut degree, insufficient pressure, pressure is small, the cutting things cannot concentrate power, resulting in incision appear flaws; 2, cutting knife is not strong, as the saying goes, no dorje, don't embrace China live, in much of that is the reason why cutting technology, if there is no good cutting tool, cutting out of things is can't use; 3, parameters, inaccurate, not in the correct Settings, led to the cutting deformation is not appropriate. If there is any irregular glass cutting can choose shaped glass cutting machine more effectively.
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