Crystal industry competition is intense,

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-18
Glass cutting machine technology co. , LTD not only exhibited the advanced machinery and equipment, at the same time also shows the use of their machines to produce finished products. Elegantly effect extremely rich stereo feeling and elegant, exquisite, images were depicted inside the crystal glass, it is with high frequency laser engraving machine carved 3 d design, it first with a laser through the glass surface, and then by focusing on design. This kind of equipment production pattern is extremely fast, a 1. 2 m, width is about 0. Eight jun figure 5 meters before an hour and a half to complete, as long as 45 minutes now. 'After development and upgrade, the work frequency of the laser subsurface engraving machine from 3 k to 6 k, so far our machines in pujiang has sold more than 300 units. 'Glass cutting machine. Crystal industry is a competitive shaped glass cutting machine, and now has a higher request to the energy conservation and environmental protection, makes the machine equipment upgrade improvement was needed. Pujiang crystal hundred million bo machinery factory is under a lot of effort in this respect. Crystal processing usually go through rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing three steps, improved the machine won't cause pollution to the environment in the process. Automatically in plate machine is a single, three machine is a two-door, has the function of automatic doors, which will help in the process of running sewage outflow. And now the equipment has automatic exhaust smoke from the equipment, not its emissions into the air. Relevant controller introduces, said: 'in order to be environmentally friendly enterprise, we have been spending on machine improved 30 to 500000. We want to do is on the operating performance to meet customer demand, in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection response policy fully automatic glass cutting machine government policy. ”
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