Convenient automatic safety glass cutting 'angel'

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-27
Automatic glass cutting line profile, overall scheme of the project: CNC automatic glass cutting lines by the automatic feeding machine + + fragment units into automatic cutting machine. Automatic glass cutting line is mainly used for flat glass processing, can quickly, accurately and safely, cutting straight shape glass and pills. Working process is as follows: feeding machine adopts mechanical turnover, glass raw materials through processing under vacuum cups from the materials on the shelf, fell on the feeding table. Through the upper stage of metal and glass cutting on the conveyor belt to the cutting table. Driven by servo motor tool high-speed movement in X, Y direction. Use the Z axis motor rotation to control the tangent of the cutting tool path. At the same time, through the simulation control tool cutting pressure and cutting depth. Glass plate, after the completion of cutting through the conveyor belt and broken formation of air cushion to crushing machine automatically. Detailed work steps: the whole process can be performed by PLC automatic control or manual control. Manual mode is mainly suitable for adjustment and maintenance of the equipment. The completion of each action is independent, or can be used for normal work. When the chip signal ( Manual or automatic) After a system, motor driven pump machinery reverse mechanism when the rotating disc arm up and achieve the same Angle as the glass, stop rotation. Before the mobile motor drive chuck mobile. When the glass hit near the top of the detection switch, motor stops. At this point, the vacuum system, start absorbing glass sucker. When the vacuum pressure switch to set pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass vacuum pump stops, the chuck can expand linkage driven by motor glass to ascend. Parked in the place after a few seconds, make sure the piece of glass was drawn up. To reverse the glass motor driving mechanical turnover mechanism, to drive units, telescopic rod system make the clip and glass fall to the ground at the same time, the quick release clamp blow into the compressed air that glass, will start the actuator shards of glass to the loader front downtime to signal points. And then the framework will automatically find zero, and then stopped, waiting for the signal of cutting machine, and then the glass can and cutting machine at the same speed cutting board sent to the cutting machine, glass is sent out, upper plate automatic cycle. This machine can use the glass thickness, board in any position.
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