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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-10
Glass machinery manufacturing equipment and automation can reduce the consumption of manual labor, increase production efficiency and production quality, guarantee the safety of production, strengthen the key competitiveness of the enterprise market, for many industries to enter the new vitality. Relevant personnel also need to further strengthen the study, can make automation equipment and machinery manufacturing toward intelligent, templates, greening, digital direction development, to provide a steady stream of power for social and economic development, as well as glass machinery equipment under the background of application of electronic information technology, should pay attention to the characteristics of the following aspects. Four machinery manufacturing equipment automation development direction, 1) Intelligent. Intelligent is the inevitable development trend of glass machinery equipment and automation. Intelligence is the use of advanced computer technology for simulating the human brain, and optimize the mechanical equipment, improvement, add judgment and ability to think for mechanical equipment. Intelligent fully the performance of the fusion between a man and a computer, improved the degree of human-computer interaction, thereby increasing production efficiency. Relevant staff in glass design automation machinery manufacturing equipment and process, need to learn positive psychology, behavioral science, operational research, and many other academic knowledge, in the field of the human's thinking mode is simulated, guarantee products can have the ability of independent thinking and decision-making, achieve control objectives set. ( 2) Templated development. Glass machinery equipment and automation development can meet many industry fields, the internal demand for product features, in the process of new product design, relevant staff need to keep expanding production scale and strengthen product standard cell simultaneously. Because mechanical equipment structure, the parts are very complex, in order to reduce the consumption of manual labor, needs to be divided into many sectors, so as to reduce production time. ( 3) Greening. At the present stage in our country are actively to carry out the sustainable development strategy, requirements of contemporary development can not damage the interests of the development of the offspring. In the development of glass machinery manufacturing automation equipment and also need to be integrated into the concept of sustainable development, promote green glass machinery manufacturing equipment. In the past because people have less importance, lead to glass machinery manufacturing equipment caused serious damage to the environment. So the glass machinery manufacturing equipment and automation in developing in the future is bound to strengthen the protection of ecological environment, pay attention to coordinate the contradiction between environment and development. ( 4) Digital. Digital is the important direction of glass machinery equipment and automation, because the development and popularization of information technology and network technology, digital technology will become the core content of glass machinery equipment technology. The numerous information content through the digital processing in the enterprise effectively and timely transmission, makes the enterprise can quickly adapt to market economy changes. Digital technology can strengthen system for data acquisition and processing. Digital manufacturing technology can be said to be the glass machinery manufacturing equipment technology, computer technology and network technology to conduct a comprehensive fusion. Eworld equipment is engaged in the glass cutting equipment, research and development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service as one of the high-tech companies, if you also want to know more related industry information and problem solving, welcome consulting, 13849980561
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