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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-15
A, composition of the automatic cutting machine, glass cutting machine. It includes fore and aft to arrange air floating platform, build the overpass type cutting table. As improvements, build the overpass type cutting table in the beam of the frame length direction on the first and second straight beam and frame length under the direction of the first third straight beam and straight beam between the four 4 sets including several conveyor, belt wheel, motor shaft, glass conveying mechanism; Gas floating send table at the end of a length direction of the mesa with in the power control circuit of the motor, to control the motor open/close proximity switch, close to switch the top just below the mesa. As the further improvement, build the overpass type cutting table is on the flat beam and a second straight beam is to block the effect to the glass of two vertical shape rolling components, four turn rolling rectangular layout components. Break off the table with the other, it also has a manual type, and build the overpass type cutting table, the manual type to break off the table with fore and aft. This unit has the advantages of lower cost. Second, the characters and functions of the automatic glass cutting machine features: automatic glass cutting machine mainly constitute the X, Y axis adopt ac servo motors and drives, the Z axis adopts stepper motor. Mesa adopts party in operation. Computer graphics design, can be introduced into CAD drawing equipment features: 1. According to user requirements for straight line or abnormity graphic automatic cutting processing, also can be directly imported AUTOCAD graphics. 2. Automatic glass cutting machine with computer operation, directly after good graphic design, by cutting software cutting directly. 3. With functions of automatic filling and mesa blow to breathe in. Scope of application: photoelectric glass, arts and crafts, cosmetic mirror, daily necessities, glass, automotive rearview mirror lamp act the role ofing shaped glass cutting, etc.
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