Company's share price quickly reflected in capital market

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-25
Glass cutting machine non-public apply for review by the SFC had news, the company shares in the capital market rapidly. Previously, although China's manufacturing industry has won the title of the world's factory, but at the lower end of the smiling curve, in the global industry division of labor is concentrated in the low-end processing and manufacturing link, just pick up the order processing, don't have research and development technology, no brand, make the most meager profit. Now the situation is changing, the personage inside course of study is bold prediction, the golden age of Chinese electronic manufacturing industry has come. China has become the global LCD TV, laptops, tablets and smartphones important automatic glass cutting machine production base, it is important to the consumer market. Domestic core parts and materials industry began to replace the international products, Chinese companies have already started to permeate upstream core industry. And for the eastern lumena electricity, refinancing plan approval may be a good opportunity. It is understood that after glass cutting machine market can clear expectations of east lumena electricity is good according to the company previously said that before December 31, 2016, the company will also Orient group, entrusted to the east lumena electricity management of yingkou photoelectric and xu hong photoelectric all equity injection east lumena electricity. Some analysts said, as the refinancing audit, as well as the subsequent Mr Wade of high-quality assets into will soon be on the agenda.
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