Can be individually complete a complex operation assembly line equipment

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-08
Automatic glass cutting line performance and working principle: automatic glass cutting line is mainly used for glass automatic picking. Put the glass in the specified location, signal into slices, automatic take collet, put the glass on the roller conveyer after adsorption, automatic glass to the cutting machine on the host. Automatic glass cutting line is mainly composed of frame, chuck turnover sliding mechanism, chuck sliding mobile mechanism, conveyor roller and electric control cabinet group. The whole process can be performed by PLC automatic control or manual control. Manual mode is mainly used for adjustment and maintenance of the equipment. Each action can be used independently or to work properly. When the chip to pick up the signal, Manual or automatic) After given, reversing system work. Motor drives the mechanical reversing rotation chuck arm, when chuck arm to reach the same Angle as the glass, the reversing stop. Moving forward motor drive chuck, as close to the top chuck detection switch touch glass, motor stops. Vacuum system, work begins when adsorption glass suction cups, vacuum pressure switch setting pressure, vacuum pump stops, sucker adjustable connecting rod driven by motor lift cup, about stay for a few seconds later, at this location to ensure that the single piece of glass, electric glass mechanical turnover mechanism transmission inversion mesa, telescopic landing sucker rod system and glass at the same time, the quick release chuck compressed air blown glass, the transmission mechanism on the machine began to send the front glass stop point signal. And then the framework will automatically find zero, and then stopped, waiting for the signal of cutting machine, and then the glass will be the same as the cutting machine sent to the speed of the cutting machine. After send out glass, glass can be automatic cycle to the program.
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