Buy glass edge grinding machine is what kinds to choose from

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-28
Glass edge grinding machine is necessary glass machinery, glass processing enterprise at present, the production of high school low-grade edge grinding machine, various types, procurement of equipment for the first time to buy the equipment used for their factories? This paper details for you now all kinds of mechanical type of glass machinery and function, let everybody can choose the most appropriate oneself when buy. A, the classification of the glass edge grinding machine on the market of the common glass edge grinding machine is divided into: unilateral, bilateral glass machine, glass edges, special-shaped glass grinding machine, glass processing center it five categories. Second, how to distinguish each type of glass edge grinding machine, and what are the main functions: 1, glass unilateral machine mainly to deal with a side of the glass ( A piece of glass has four sides need 4 times, can be arbitrary shape grinding straight edge, such as trapezoid, triangle, parallelogram, etc. ) , can grind straight edge, multistage species such as edge, round edge, the duck mouth. Buy a glass machinery is Mr Wade glass machinery co. , LTD. To distinguish between the types of edge grinding according to models have glass straight edge machine, Ground into a straight edge) Edge grinding machine, glass multistage side ( Ground into a multilevel edge) , glass round edge machine ( Ground into a round edge, the duck mouth, etc. ) Three small classes. 2, glass straight edge machine with 4 conventional grinding head, grinding head 8, 9 grinding head grinding head, grinding head 10, 11, 12 grinding head. 4 grinding head is mainly used in the field of door and window glass, suitable for rough machining of glass edge only to the glass edge tidy, do not cut the hand requirements of enterprises; 8 grinding head is mainly used in the field of architectural glass, suitable for don't need to have the glass edge polishing brightness requirements of the enterprise; 9 grinding head is on the basis of 8 grinding head, add a fine grinding head, apply to the glass edge polishing requirement of enterprises; 10 grinding head is on the basis of 9 grinding head to add a fine buffing wheel, suitable for glass brightness has higher demand of furniture glass enterprises; 11 grinding head is on the basis of 9 grinding head function, increase the two former chamfering grinding head, can achieve grinding 45 degrees of function, and has the function of polishing, suitable for the need to straight and grinding 45 degrees of the edge of the enterprise; 12 grinding head is on the basis of 11 grinding head add a chamfer grinding head, make the grinding side 45 degrees when polishing brighter, suitable for enterprise of 45 degrees edge polishing demanding. Stage 3, glass edge grinding machine is an edge grinding of glass more than a side effect of mechanical, make the edge of the glass more have administrative levels feeling. Multistage edge glass edge grinding machine need pendulum Angle, so the pendulum beam three grinding head grinding head is divided into five grinding head, mechanical routine nine grinding head, grinding head, 11 is only 9 grinding head type swing grinding head has three and five. Can swing a three 9 grinding head grinding head of multistage machine can do the straight edge, 45 degrees, cast light, if when doing multiple edge polishing effect is not ideal, Because of multistage only three grinding head grinding and polishing) , but there are grinding 45 degrees, the bottom edge, and as a molding; Can swing a five 9 grinding head grinding head of multistage machine can do straight edge, edge, multi-level, 45 degrees and cast light, a multistage edge, cast light ( Because of multistage side has 5 grinding head grinding and polishing) , but there is no bottom edge, grinding, 45 degrees to 45 degrees with bottom, to rework a straight edge. 11 can swing a grinding head is in five of the grinding head grinding head of 9 based on multistage edge machine, adding two bottom edge grinding head, grinding 45 degrees, so has a bottom edge, and as a molding. 4, glass round edge machine with six conventional grinding head, grinding head, grinding head. 6 grinding head can be rounded edge, the duck mouth equilateral, is forming grinding wheel is used to coarse fine grinding and polishing the edges of the glass. 7 grinding head is on the basis of 6 grinding head, add a chamfer before grinding head, used for grinding glass a chamfering. Grinding head is on the basis of 7 grinding head after adding a chamfer, so that we can at the same time the glass edge grinding of two chamfer.
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