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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-10
Manufacturers describes the cleaning process of the automatic glass cutting machine. Fully automatic glass cutting machine plays a big role in the industry, greatly shorten the using time of equipment, and improve the efficiency and better experience. For fully automatic glass cutting machine cleaning is also very important, let's take a look at. Simple cleaner can remove the surface dirt, but it can't clean grinding powder and other inorganic substances; Half a water-based cleaning agent is different, not only can clean asphalt and other organic pollutants, and inorganic materials such as flour have a very good cleaning effect, thus greatly reduces the subsequent cleaning unit of water-based cleaning agent cleaning pressure. Half of water-based cleaning agent is characterized by low volatile slow and smell. Cleaning unit, without seal condensation and distillation recovery unit, but due to the high viscosity of water-based cleaning agent, for use in subsequent processing of water-based cleaning agent has the emulsification, so the next working procedure for washing. Application of this technology in China's enterprises is not much, one reason is that most of the half of water-based cleaning agent are imported, and the price is relatively expensive. Since water-based cleaning device, a water-based cleaning process and solvent cleaning process are basically the same, the comparison of two methods of glass cutting machine cleaning solvent cleaning method is a more traditional cleaning methods, and possesses the advantages of cleaning speed, high efficiency, continuous distillation, solvent itself can be renewable and recycled. However, the disadvantage is obvious. Due to the optical glass production environment requires constant temperature and humidity, both are closed workshop, the smell of solvent can produce certain effect to the work environment, especially when using semi-automatic cleaning equipment is not closed. Above is Eworld machinery with the introduction of the automatic glass cutting machine cleaning process, hope it can help you. Fully automatic glass cutting machine cleaning process is a need to be aware of our life, it is also have certain effect, is that we need to know these things, can prolong the service life of the machine.
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