Briefly describes automatic shaped glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-31
Glass need according to the actual installation size are made separately, so that each glass needs to be cut separately. In order to improve the production efficiency of hollow glass, and ensure that the special shape ( The rectangle) The quality of the glass cutting, automatic shaped glass cutting machine was born. Automatic shaped glass cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of arc cutting process requirement. By using the triaxial linkage machinery to complete the Angle of orientation, cutting tool motion control of linear velocity orientation and the cutting path. The system of three different axis machinery and general machinery. In general triaxial mechanical, Z, X, Y form three-dimensional space, the Z axis is the axis of rotation of the glass cutting machine, main is to ensure that walking direction Angle direction of the cutting tools is always the same as the X direction. , the synthesis of Y axis direction remains the same, thus effectively ensure the cutting efficiency and quality, and prolong the service life of the cutting properties. At the same time, glass cutting machine three axle load is also different from general system. In this project, three-axis linkage demand is higher, motion control precision is higher. At the same time, hope the machine can analyze the design and work independently to achieve automatic standard.
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