Bilateral straight glass edge grinding machine configuration?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-08
More attention to glass industry friends could always see the glass edge grinding machine. Glass edge grinding machine is often used for glass edge grinding processing, not only to the glass edge grinding smooth, but also can be special treatment, such as the hypotenuse grinding and so on. In order to help people further understand the glass edge grinding machine, introduce the small make up for you. A double edging machine, how to operate the glass linear electrical work to open the glass edge grinding machine, turned on the machine by close to a minimum then ( Should check whether there is any foreign body on opening and closing machine area when opening and closing) 。 Check the usage of grinding wheel, whether used need to change. Open the water of the machine, check whether the grinding head cooling water for good, presence of congestion. Check the machine status at work. According to the state of the machine, adjust the machine parameters suitable for this class to processed products ( Compaction parameters, size parameters of the 45 degree Angle parameters,) 。 2, how to debug the glass edge grinding machine in the security check and confirm the result before the debugging, can be followed for debugging. Machine debugging process is done in manual work mode, glass edge grinding machine debugging steps are as follows: open the main power switch of the device, open the key switch of the control circuit. Check the water circulation system, start the pump, check to see if water supply is normal, whether normal cycles. Back to 'the position of the grinding wheel grinding below position, rotate the wheel handle for manual feed grinding head back to the last side, prevent the glass in the imported forward because of the grinding wheel cutting face, the there is a risk of collision glass and grinding wheel. Boot idle running, under the normal operation of the water, in order to start the grinding head and the conveyor belt; Before and after the adjustment guide roller chain plate is consistent with distance and the thickness of the glass cracks. When debugging glass edge grinding machine particularly want to pay attention to safety, our grinding wheel grinding were conducted in a sealed cover, so we will have lower risk. But this does not mean that no danger may produce. Especially in the feeding mouth paying special attention to: the glass edge grinding machine is to avoid collision glass and machine; Material on hand don't stretch into the chain belt prevent the task of the fingers or involved in the machine; When grinding wheel rotation, conveyor belt, there is no changing the size of the glass when the glass; In the process of debugging, when grinding wheel rotation, are not allowed to open the sealing cover for any reason at all; Before commissioning, they must check the safety of the power supply. Glass on the conveyor, should prevent glass dumping and fragments of the wounded man. Glass edge grinding machine after debugging, the glass after finishing surface should be bright, smooth, no obvious scar.
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