beveling machine features overview

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-09
1. Beveling machine equipped with high precision straight dedicated motor, making the cut glass, such as mud. 2. Beveling machine overload protection circuit, which guarantees the safety of the grinding head motor. 3. Beveling machine and clamp are specially grinding process, grinding the thin glass also won't appear when the chamfer size head, break the glass. 4. Beveling machine and girder with wear-resisting gib, provide guarantee for the high strength work. 5. Beveling machine adopts stepless adjustment, wide adjustable range, speed smoothly. 6. When beveling machine adjustment of different thickness of glass, but the reference beam Numbers table to adjust. 7. Chamfering machine and before the move beam synchronization. 8. Unique shape of the flow linear control electric box, advancing with The Times. 9. Shield, electrical box, the scaffolding are after pickling, phosphating, high temperature of the lacquer that bake paint technology, such as the machine used for a long time if brightness is new. 10. Grinding head water tank is made of high quality stainless steel, stainless steel edge through special process, won't hurt. 11. Thick casting base, girders, before and after the machine where the temperature difference is bigger as durable, not changeful form.
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