Bearing principle of glass cleaner do you know

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-07
Glass cleaning machine of transducer after high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, produces the high frequency vibration amplitude of tiny and spread to the cleaning slot in the solution, under the action of transducer, the interior of the cleaning fluid will continue to produce a large number of tiny air bubbles and instantaneous burst, the high temperature of each bubble burst will produce several baidu and nearly thousand atmospheric pressure of shock waves, thus the workpiece washed clean. Also can be divided into two simple say is: one is put flat glass after glass washing machine, glass into the scrubbing chamber, by roll by spraying water hair brush to wash, and then enter the washing room, flush with water, and then into the drying chamber stripping water film, thoroughly with special high pressure fan to dry, clean cleaning effect, this type of xinhe red glass cleaning machine, characteristic is to save electricity, but there is noise. 2 it is after scrubbing of room and washing room in the breeze, plus electric heat drying system, dry, clean cleaning effect, the characteristic is more power consumption, low noise. Our products have glass cleaning machine automatic play sand machine glass laminating machine spray paint machine and drying the glass reinforced laminated glass furnace. Hollow glass production line, the operation and maintenance convenient and economical. 'Leading technology, strives for realism the innovation, customer first' is the aim of the company. Of equipment and process improvement, make the product improvement. Make the product into the market, by the praise of many customers. Now at a higher standard, scientific management, reliable quality, continue to work hard, achieve the goal of all aspects of the service to customers, we always put the interests of customers as the first, is better than say to do it. Welcome to visit our factory call consulting, welcome to visit guidance.
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