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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-12
Although the automatic glass cutting machine in performance bring many benefits to the enterprise, but it still make a lot of companies have a headache. Glass cutting machine in our country starts late, the market recognition is not high, more consideration to the stability and precision of equipment, such as glass processing of user in choosing a glass cutting machine don't know how to make choices. So choose a suitable machine, not only to create value for enterprise, but also can save costs to the enterprise. So when the automatic glass cutting machine of choose and buy should pay attention to what? 1. Type: according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself the cutting section, choose suitable for their own, which is given priority to with what cut glass, namely to consider the basis of the layout, don't big feet shoes, because involves the equipment of normal wear and waste money. 2. Cutting accuracy: choose according to their actual requirements, this can't see the introduction of product manuals and light manufacturer that currently most manufacturer's technical parameters are not true. Want to see the actual scene demonstration and glass manufacturers used in actual situation. 3. The discretion of the cutting speed, cutting speed is the one of the main performance of the cutting machine performance, only mechanical and control part of the overall performance and compatibility good cases, cutting machine to reach the corresponding speed, so no matter how the speed of the actual need, the speed of the cutting machine is cutting machine performance a good standard. 4, the factory if there is a line of lifting equipment to carry on the glass table. 5, the location of factory space can have. 6, when buying a glass cutting machine, must on the machine also should make a careful investigation, on the platform of manufacturing difficulty is much greater than cutting machine. 7, function: the function of the cutting machine is cutting machine performance is an important symbol of. Can automatically adjust the pressure, whether there are aliens scanning function, can have a knife under the limit function, and so on. Manufacturing fully automatic glass cutting machine manufacturers in the whole country at present, can consider to their corporate correlation is larger, the price is right choice. Eworld machinery are looking forward to your cooperation, about the glass cutting the opportunity to give you want to know all of the performance, you are welcome to call!
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