Automatic glass cutting machine operation requirements and matters needing attention | automatic glass cutting machine operation requirements and matters needing attention | automatic glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-23
Automatic glass cutting machine widely used in the glass processing industry, its market demand is quite big. Eworld mechanical thinks, because the automatic glass cutting machine has the high cutting precision, fast speed, the cutting process is relatively complex, high processing requirements, etc. , so the automatic glass cutting machine operation skills is particularly important. A, the operator should fully grasp the technical specification and function of glass cutting machine, and in accordance with the provisions, the way to finish every work. Second, before the work should be ready for the preparation and the scope of work. Third, make clear a regulation have trained personnel to complete each operation automatic glass cutting machine work. Four, operated by two or more people, must work closely communicate with each other. Five, wear appropriate clothes and labor insurance supplies. Six, visual inspection equipment at any time within and around obstacles. Seven, do not use wet hand contact with electrical equipment. Eight, as stipulated in the operating manual of the tally project for regular inspection, adjustment and maintenance. Nine, can not change equipment parameters and control program. Ten dismantle and adjust arbitrarily, safety equipment and security guard. Eleven, inside the equipment work is very dangerous, must cut off power supply. Twelve, non-working personnel unauthorized agree not to close to the machine within the scope of work. Glass cutting machine manufacturer Eworld equipment co. , LTD. , is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. Welcome your arrival.
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