Automatic glass cutting machine operation method and the matters needing attention

by:Eworld Machine     2020-04-04
Glass cutting machine is a kind of glass processing industry in the common machine tools, automatic glass cutting machine can be a good alternative to manual operation, can greatly improve the glass processing enterprises of manufacturing efficiency and productivity, but some matters need attention in the process of its operation, so as not to cause the production quality and safety accidents. Some common and common fault at ordinary times should pay special attention to these operational errors caused by the fault is often lead to automatic glass pieces of the main causes of equipment failure. Below please teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. , jinan to summarize several automatic glass cutting machine operation points for attention. Automatic glass cutting machine operation method: 1, do a good job in security protection measures, gloves, safety glasses, put on a special iron shoes. 2, open the power switch. Start the ncstudio program, all first dial back mechanical origin, then back to the fixed electrical contractor, then load the need to apply the program. And will these programs for confirmation. 3, will need to cut the glass is placed on the glass cutting table. 4, blowing on the cutting machine button, so that the glass can take and can move freely on the cutting table, easy to locate. 5, and the glass on the cutting table set, press the stop button, the night make suction function, and then to breathe in through your feet on the switch, use of unusual function would strip firmly fixed in proper position of the cutting machine, easy cutting. 6, cutting is finished, press the stop switch, to stop inspiratory function, then, will blow qigong can open again. 7, open the machine blowing air switch, the mesa clean up debris, dust and so on, then cut the whole piece of glass move parallel to the points on the stage, must be careful in the process of moving. 8, the glass for sorting table, the edge material around the clean down first, and on the corresponding position of the specified, then, to cut the whole piece of glass according to mark into small pieces. 9, after each small piece of glass distinguishes the vertical interlaced ChaJia, this process must not omit, and make sure the glass of the vertical Angle. 10, after the completion of a piece of glass cutting machine with the air gun of a platform and a table clean, and can then be placed under a piece of glass, proceed to the new job. The use of automatic glass cutting machine note: 1, glass surface can't be scratched or white phenomenon. 2, in cutting glass is in great quantities, it is necessary to detect the performance of the glass cutting machine, detection method is to check cutting machine cutting out how D the effect of a piece of glass. 3, move the glass before to see if there are any cracks, glass itself if there is crack we can move more carefully, or directly, avoid burst in the process of moving. 4, not charged parallel cable plug connected to a computer and any control card and other hardware devices, automatic glass cutting machine shell can ground, to ensure safety. The machine doesn't work, want to turn off the power supply in time. 5, open the power supply for back to zero, then check that the functions of automatic glass cutting machine is normal. Load diagram, must first understand the cutting range, to ensure that the load of the figure within its scope. In front of the glass cutting machine operation, first check the glass appearance for white dots and scratches phenomenon, start cutting, make sure that the machine next to no one, after the cut, should be timely cleaning the table. 6, glass cutting machine in the process of the use of the clutch is also need to be pay attention to, in BTC pneumatic clutch, for example: the cylinder and the piston part due to the interaction between the bearing and the involvement of rotary, with three slot or Z - 45 degrees M thread to fixed or stop. But to stop is just right, not because of external interference power make the slant cylinder, oblique and don't work properly; When the shaft is installed on the clutch, as far as possible use special tools for hollow shaft pipe pressure, do not impact cylinder or other damageable parts; Pulley or gear radial force center to align internal two sets of bearing flange bearing center, excessive bias will affect the service life of the product; Generally adopt sealed bearing, free maintenance, a few parts need to be used according to the relationship between the environment, usually 1 to 6 months appropriate supplement to maintain the grease. Product selection as far as possible when the torque of 1. The safety factor of 5 to 2 times, overload use can cause the tooth surface damage or reduce service life. Above is the jinan teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. Share with everyone's fully automatic glass cutting machine operation method and the matters needing attention. More fully automatic glass cutting machine, welcome consulting teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. , jinan's official website.
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