Automatic glass cutting machine is fast and accurate high precision positioning

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-29
Linear processing, speed of 0. 5 m/s glass cutting machine has high speed precision positioning accurately and other obvious advantages, and can in craft gifts, glasses case, light box signs show products, packing box, such as glass machinery industry has not replace the use of its advantage to concrete is divided into the following points, good processing effect, cut off without fire, lubrication, brightness, no sawtooth lines, can be a one-time processing acrylic thickness 2 cm; The whole outstanding function, can 24-hour non-stop work, successively in Taiwan original guide rail, accurately by using; Glass machinery tube of good quality, long life, the best glass machinery on the MTK tube, stable function, not just taking it long a few months, for half a year. Processing speed, such as used for processing 3 mm thickness of the acrylic sheet glass machining compared with the traditional machining method, this new approach has several important advantages first, this is the end of one step, marginal lubricating neat boring machining process, and does not require subsequent cleaning and polishing, glass machinery caused by the separation process of high strength, the edge of natural tempering automatic glass cutting machine, no crack using this method, to avoid the cracks and broken, reduce the defective rate, improve the production of glass due to the cracks are accurately along the tracks into glass machinery, glass machinery lead to the separation of cutting out very accurate glass picture, in fact, we have done the experiment also proved that regardless of the straight line or glass, glass machinery processing can end in succession and accurately set pictures, repeated high so glass machinery to glass and 3 d graphics accurate machining thickness of glass machinery processing and processing speed, limited processing speed with three elements, the thickness of the glass, the material of the thermal expansion coefficient, and the output power of glass machinery for comparison, hard metal wheel processing speed of the same glass of the same thickness can reach 1. 5 m/s, however, even in pay attention to the use of speed, the difference will be glass machining efficiency and quality advantages brought by the compensation together, we all believe that further processing process optimization and choose a higher power output of glass machinery for processing will be fully automatic glass cutting machine easy to speed up processing by two to three times
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