Automatic glass cutting machine heat capacity conversion workflow

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-24
Automatic glass cutting machine heat capacity conversion work process of float glass furnace energy saving way. 1, strengthen the kiln insulation, sealing, reduce surface heat. 2, the method of oxygen fuel or oxygen-enriched combustion, by reducing the nitrogen into the furnace of helpless, reduce glass furnace flue gas and flue gas waste heat. 3, strengthen on the left side of the glass furnace flue gas waste heat recycling efficiency. 4, using large tonnage glass kiln, and improve the melting speed. 5, improve the glass cutter. At present, the main method of waste heat utilization has: direct, cogeneration, waste heat steam production batch heating method (or other carrier 1) The main purpose of the steam heating and steam heating and then cooling can now use lithium bromide units, but due to the use of time and number of seasonal effect, a single this approach often cannot make full use of flue gas heat. ( 2) Cogeneration using glass furnace waste heat power generation, can not only make full use of waste heat, and can make full use of its utilization. At the same time, the whole power plant not only can greatly improve the efficiency of energy utilization, also can produce cogeneration, reduce air pollutant emissions, reduce the greenhouse effect.
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