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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-13
Glass cutting machine manufacturers in the production of automatic glass cutting machine is also constantly on the technical reform and innovation, including automatic dust removal function which several of the transformation, here let's see. In general, when using glass cutting machine, need to clear the related features, only to master the specific characteristics, to give full play to the efficiency and meet the needs of daily production. Main characteristics are as follows: have thrown knife function, can be set up throwing knives, complete a knife, automatic arc transition. Glass marking function, can in the glass glass code marking, cutting the therefore, sorting is relatively simple. Glass cutting more reasonable, have a variety of optimization of cutting process, each kind of cutting plan is to use a straight knife; Have good import and export function, data paste convenient, especially in programming, it should be flexible. Transformation of automatic glass cutting machine, automatic glass cutting machine in the process of cutting stainless steel, will produce large and soot, dust hood placed on cutting machine to make it walk is not smooth, a lot of smoke jamming operators. Affect the quality of casting billet cutting seam, so to modify the original dust removal system is imperative. Stainless steel cutting machine has a dust hood, installed on the side of the dust hood has two holes, the installation of a connecting pipe automatic glass cutting machine, and from horizontal to vertical downward arc curves of two pipe join together. Then, on the top of the head cover a wide belt of dust. Both ends of the belt on the dust removal head. Belt through the four support on the cutter shaft. Intermediate formation of the neutral point is the head of connecting pipe and dust removal of the interface. Interface position changes with the movement of the cutting machine, the connecting pipe is always aligned with dust removal head open. Above is the introduction for the modification of the automatic glass cutting machine of dust removal, reconstruction after the machine dust is more convenient and more complete, at the same time our factory also will continue to upgrade and transformation, the function of the other also thank you for the new and old customers continue to support for our Eworld glass machinery, we will use better products return, a higher standard for themselves.
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