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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-01
Auto glass cutting machine in the process of cutting stainless steel, will produce large and soot, dust removal effect is not good will to modify it. First of all, on the automobile glass cutting machine using stainless steel cutting machine is installed on a dust hood, the side of the dust hood has two holes, the installation of a connecting pipe, from horizontal to vertical downward arc curves of two pipe join together. Secondly, in the dust on the main panel cover a wide belt, the belt ends fixed on the dedusting duct, belt wear round cutting machine on the four pillars supporting shaft, intermediate gap is formed by connecting tube and dust removal of main interface, the interface position with the moving of the automobile glass cutting machine, always be directed at the connection pipe of dedusting duct openings. The original design of dust removal main 25 m long, effective use of only 12 m length. Glass cutting machine manufacturer Eworld equipment co. , LTD. , is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. Welcome your arrival. The above articles from Eworld equipment manufacturer: http://www. lydesignglass。 com/
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