At the same time extend the industrial chain and strengthen the industry consolidation

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-08
Glass cutting machine, which brought the revenue east lumena new sources of growth. The east lumena electricity, according to the approved, non-public a-share stock will increase the company's core competitiveness, optimize the structure of company assets and liabilities, enhance the company's capital strength, enhance corporate profitability, is advantageous to the company to catch the glass substrate and the favorable opportunity of the rapid development of intelligent equipment manufacturing field, rapidly improve comprehensive strength, realize to do strongly does. Thirty percent of the national key support in the industry of glass cutting machine, and along the way will not be easy, under national policy support and capital market finally achieved a historic leap. The expert points out, after years of technological innovation, the photoelectric display industry in China has firmly established itself as one of the world advanced level, preliminary has the voice around the world. No longer had Chinese display industry, consumer can in a more competitive price to obtain a better user experience, this should be attributed the eastern lumena electric Li Zhaoting and chairman of boe chairman wang and others. Three times in 12 sessions of the National People's Congress conference, premier li keqiang in his government work report said, emerging industries and emerging forms competition is high, should implement high-end equipment, new energy, new materials and other major projects, to training a batch of new industry as leading industry. The east lumena electric chairman Li Zhaoting encouraged. Flat-panel display is fully automatic glass cutting machine oil, steel, chemical after the world's fourth largest manufacturing industry, has become a very long period of time in the present and the future in economies with the top priority in China economic and trade negotiations. Li Zhaoting said, as a new industry, flat display in the national economy in our country not only large volume, high contribution rate, and have the essential effect, can drive the raw materials, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, such as pillar industry development. For the development of the domestic flat-panel display, glass cutting machine is now in order to enhance business glass substrate as the basis, at the same time, extend the industrial chain, and strengthen the industry consolidation, strive to form a comprehensive competitiveness of photoelectric industry cluster, to promote the flat-panel display industry upgrading. According to public information, in April 2013, east lumena electric directional issuance to raise capital of 5 billion yuan, all to wuhu article 10 the photoelectric flat display glass production line construction, postpartum, the company is expected to become the world's leading glass line 6 generation production base. And the injection, hosting company has 7 five generations line will also be incorporated into the enterprise, the glass industry cluster will be taking shape. Energy industry analysts believe that the latest increase approved, two hosting companies injection, not only makes the east lumena structure further enrich electrical products, and the company's research and development, supply chain and customer resource integration will be big. The convergence of the scale effect appeared gradually, in the domestic glass cement company Mr Wade board industry leading position at the same time, will further enhance the capacity, thickening performance. It is worth noting
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