Alien beveling machine use advantage

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-06
Now abnormity of beveling machine in glass is widely used in the secondary processing, it is mainly used for processing bevel edge and bottom edge of flat glass. Even before and after the plate adopts thickening steel, strong rigidity, smooth transmission, high machining accuracy, adopts stepless speed device to adjust the transmission speed, speed range, simple operation and strong practicability. For its use area, such as automobile glass, construction glass, decorate glass, electric glass, furniture glass, toughened glass, hot bending glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, art glass, special glass and so on through the abnormity of beveling machine processing. A piece of glass can present a different shape, appearance is deformed beveling machine. General abnormity beveling machine is suitable for the grinding of different size and thickness of plate glass straight and 45 ° edges, rough edge, fine grinding and polishing, chamfering process at one time, and USES the stepless adjustment, wide adjustable range, speed smooth; In the process of grinding can be arbitrary adjust the feed speed and feed; The adjustable guide before transform processing glass thickness.
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