After glass cutting machine fault maintenance measures

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-23
To restore a glass cutting machine in the technical state of deterioration or failure after the function and precision of the wear and failure parts ( Including reference parts) For replacement or repair, and the whole or partial disassembly and adjustment of technical activities. In daily production and processing, glass machinery and equipment in use process, its components will gradually appear the phenomenon such as wear, deformation, fracture, erosion ( Collectively referred to as visible wear) 。 As the parts wear degree increasing, glass machinery and equipment technology is gradually deteriorating state, lose their original function and accuracy, so the lost use value. Glass and the economic benefits of mechanical equipment maintenance is an important part of enterprise economic benefit system, it depends on: the good and bad of equipment maintenance design, the technical level of maintenance personnel, maintenance organization system and the perfect degree of the equipment and facilities. Therefore, to improve the economic benefits of enterprise equipment maintenance, should from the three aspects to take measures. First, used in machinery and supporting the use of glass. To carry out the policy of prevention first, with the nature of the production, equipment characteristics and production positioning, choose the appropriate maintenance method. Secondly, through the daily and regular inspection, state detection and diagnosis, and other means, effectively master the equipment technical conditions, according to the production process requirement and the degree of deterioration of state, to prepare a preventive maintenance plan, preparation technologies and production work, fully repair repair in a timely manner. After maintenance should actively use new technologies, new processes, new materials and modern scientific management method, ensure the quality of maintenance, shorten downtime and reduce maintenance cost. At the same time, combined with necessary local design improvements in the equipment maintenance, in order to improve the reliability and maintainability of glass machinery equipment, so as to improve the utilization rate of equipment.
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