A simple introduction of glass beveling machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-11
1. Glass beveling machine function and characteristics of straight-line beveling edge grinding machine is commonly used in the glass deep processing equipment of machinery and equipment, is one of the glass straight line edging machine series products. It is suitable for different size and thickness of flat glass straight-line bevel edge grinding, set in the second round of coarse grinding, four-wheel fine grinding, two pneumatic polishing grinding hypotenuse, round of fine grinding bottom edge, the bevel edge and bottom edge of the coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing and added to the only one; Machine adopts stepless variable speed motor speed control, within the approved scope can be adjusted arbitrary processing speed, its driving the adjusting range is big, smooth speed; Machine operation is very simple, the grinding of good quality, high machining accuracy, highly welcomed by the users. The choice of glass beveling machine installation location ( 1) 。 Machine installation location must be laid 150 mm and above ground cement sand concrete. ( 2) 。 Machines are placed in the peripheral location of the factory as far as possible, because the machine operation often to replace the cooling water, so must want to consider the convenience of supply and drainage. Conditions at the back of the machine (best On walls) As a long pool for the use of circulating water machine. ( 3) 。 Around the perimeter of the machine to allow passage, convenient and maintenance work. ( 4) 。 Machine can't in damp, high temperature, acid ( Gas) Used in harsh environments such as corrosion. 3. Glass beveling machine repair and maintenance of the machine maintenance and maintenance directly affects the service life of the machine, if the machine lubrication system can't get the lubricating oil lubrication and forced work, in time is equal to accelerate the machine parts wear, inevitably affect the machine accuracy, speed up machine damage, processing and grinding quality.
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